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What is our goal?

Thinking Hand, a non profit organisation, is a platform to empower people and society through its research, design, innovation in construction & technology. And by training young students in improving their skills sets and inculcating a mindset of out of box thinking.

Our endeavour is to develop sustainable and cost effective construction techniques and to build them one in one scale, especially in neglected communities. Educating students and professionals through workshops, Competitions, seminars, sessions on architectural drawings, sketching and take stock of current knowledge, share information and best practices. Working in team and helping individuals in evolving their capabilities for innovative designs to bring positive change in the society.

"empower people through architecture"

"knowledge sharing platform"

"workshop, lectures, competitions"

"people involvement"

"build housing for neglected communities"

"sustainable solutions for informal settlements"

How it works?

Donate to a specific project need, for example to “Hospital in Africa”, or else to a project e.g. Building a School in Africa”. You can always donate anonymously.

Quick Stats Of Our Progress



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