INDO EURO Workshop 25, 26, 27 September 2017, NITHM Hyderabad

Climate Responsive Architecture for Neglected Communities in Hyderabad / India

“A slum is not a chaotic collection of structures; it is a dynamic collection of individuals who have figured out how to survive in the most adverse of circumstances.”  (Rediscovering Dharavi by Kalpana Sharma 2000)

As per United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT) estimates, nearly one billion persons or every third urban resident in developing countries is a slum dweller. ‘Slums’ have generally been recognised as areas in cities with relatively lower quality of housing and services and possibly, a lack of security of tenure. They are also sometimes referred as ‘informal settlements’ (because they do not conform to local building rules) or ‘squatter settlements’ (due to lack of clarity about status of land ownership of these settlements).

For the first time THINKING HAND and UNIVERSITY OF INNSBRUCK are collaborating for INDO-EURO WORKSHOP-II. It is a Three-day event with a maximum intake of 40 students (20 students from Europe and 20 from India). Selection shall be based on portfolio. Pedagogy will be more of casual discussions, without any restrictions on methodology of design and working. Students may present their work in various ways, sketching, drawing and models.

Aims and objectives:

  1. Learn the unlearnt at schools
  2. Bring awareness among students how important Architectural design is for the          betterment of society
  3. Bring in cross-section of students from Europe and India with ideas and willing to be part of collaborative learning
  4. Have a knowledge-sharing platform to communicate ideas and build an array of groundbreaking solutions
  5. Have reviews from the expert panel with diversified backgrounds
  6. Motivate students to develop their innovative ideas into 1:1 scale that are invariably effective for the society