Hospital In Bouake, Ivory Coast, Africa

"Centre medico-chirurgical de l'Ulcère de Buruli"


“DalBoon” is an architectural project that consists in designing and building a workspace for the construction of protheses for the hospital "Centre medico-chirurgical de l'Ulcère de Buruli", in Bouaké, Ivory Coast in the middle of the savanna on the equator.
The main goal is to build the workspace that will result in improving the lives of the victims of the Buruli ulcer, a disease comparable to leprosy, while being sustainable and suiting the climate.
Furthermore, we want to introduce the construction method to the population and show them the possibilities of sustainable and affordable building.
The project is funded by donations and will be realised at the end of 2018.

Team: Rosa Pompermaier and Aurélie Bis

Guide/Faculty: Prof. Rames Najjar and Ar. Ketham Santosh Kumar

Supported by: University of Innsbruck